Who is Andrew Klaver?

Youngest of eleven kids, my mother used to say, “imagination is free, use it”.
Twenty five years of commercial photography, awards, and tons of travel.

What has he done?

The images you see on this site are a blend of self-assigned and commissioned projects. I have been shooting commercial photography projects for local, national and international clients for over twenty five years.

When did he do that?

I started shooting images when I turned sixteen, so now maybe if you want to do the math, it means forty years. This website has images that span about thirty five years. Looking back at a few of them they still look relevant. Having said that, I think my skills and art continues to grow – meaning “I am just getting warmed up”.

Why did he do that?

I am never quite sure of how I will complete an assignment in advance, I have some ideas, but I let the shoot inspire me. The inspiration? Light, colour, form, gesture, joy.


I take great pride in continuing to work with some of the same clients for over twenty years. Some have changed jobs and brought me along, most have come from referrals – my favourite form of advertising.